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American Medical Association The American Medical Association (AMA) is an American professional association and lobbying group of physicians and medical students. Founded in 1847, it is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Membership was 271,660 in 2022.

The AMA's stated mission is "to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health." The organization was founded with the goal to raise the standards of medicine in the 19th century primarily through gaining control of education and licensing. In the 20th century, the AMA has frequently lobbied to restrict the supply of physicians, contributing to a doctor shortage in the United States. The organization has also lobbied against allowing physician assistants and other health care providers to perform basic forms of health care. The organization has historically lobbied against various forms of government-run health insurance.

The Association also publishes the ''Journal of the American Medical Association'' (JAMA). The AMA also publishes a list of Physician Specialty Codes which are the standard method in the U.S. for identifying physician and practice specialties.

The American Medical Association is governed by a House of Delegates as well as a board of trustees in addition to executive management. The organization maintains the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, and the AMA Physician Masterfile containing data on United States Physicians. The ''Current Procedural Terminology'' coding system was first published in 1966 and is maintained by the Association. It has also published works such as the ''Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment'' and established the American Medical Association Foundation and the American Medical Political Action Committee. The current president is Jesse Ehrenfeld, an anesthesiologist affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin. Provided by Wikipedia
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